6 Hands-On Tips For Living More Consciously

Published on 01/12/2023

There are countless approaches to daily mindful living. The traditional illustration of placing recyclable items in a recycling bin is a fantastic place to start. However, there are a ton of other ways to add conscious living to your day. More and more of us are striving to do our part to live more sustainably and to be more aware of the ways in which we can make tiny changes to help positively impact the future of our planet as climate change is high on the news agenda throughout the world.

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6 Hands-On Tips For Living More Consciously


Think About Where To Shop

Sadly, many trendy goods are still produced in factories today with horrible working conditions. The extraction of raw resources for industry is also exhausting the globe. Do your research before you dash into any store to get your new dress, shoes, autumnal jacket, or even the scrunchies for your hair. You may benefit both the world and yourself if you conduct some preliminary study and identify the retailers who sell apparel that is created ethically.


Being sustainable does not exclude you from experiencing moments of happiness; rather, it merely requires that you incorporate these moments into your life in a more meaningful and sustainable manner. “At Rituals, we take care to integrate our brand DNA with our sustainability initiatives. We use the term “sustainable well-being” for this purpose. According to Niki Schilling, our Director of Innovations & Sustainability, “We can only create meaningful experiences for our consumers when we make sure the there is no detrimental influence on the long-term wellness of people and planet. For many of its products, including face cream and room diffusers, Rituals offers refills so you may still indulge in opulent moments of well-being and self-care while still doing your part to reduce unnecessary waste.

Use A Bicycle

The greenhouse gas pollution that causes global warming is caused by the carbon dioxide and other chemicals that cars emit. Even if you can’t bike the entirety of your journey, perhaps you might ride to the train station rather of driving? If you have a long commute to work, it could feel like a challenge you have to face every morning. Who wouldn’t feel good about themselves if they were able to give Mother Earth a brief moment of peace while also getting a free dose of “happy hormones”? A terrific way to start the day is to pedal your feet while listening to your favorite music and feeling dopamine surge through your veins. Living more consciously has never felt so nice. Bonus: Cycling is beneficial to your health.

Meat And Sugar Free Moments

Scientists believe that eating more plant-based foods and reducing our sugar intake are the best ways for us to protect the planet’s future. Eating foods that are in season, plant-based, and preferably, locally obtained can help the environment while also reducing the energy used by the mass food business. If you need evidence that vegan and vegetarian fare can be delicious, just take a look at these magnificent black bean burgers with Piri Piri sauce. Instead of shopping at the grocery store, try to locate a local butcher or greengrocer. Perhaps there is a farm, a pick-your-own, or a neighborhood allotment where your neighbors grow and sell produce close by. None of these apply to your bathroom.

Be Travel-Wise

Many of us have traveled less between 2020-2022 than we have in the past. Now things are back to normal, make every effort to avoid taking unneeded flights. Consider taking a vacation at home instead of traveling overseas, or explore other modes of transportation like the train or a bicycle. Consider traveling as a component of your vacation; after all, it’s not just about getting there; why not travel by train and enjoy a nice book on the way?

Rituals continuously tracks the carbon footprint of its ingredients and packaging, and we use this data to inspire our sustainable innovations. 90% of Rituals’ goods are produced in Europe, close to our primary markets. We track the water, energy, and waste our suppliers use throughout production and work together to develop strategies for realizing carbon-neutral manufacturing. Read more about Rituals’ environmental initiatives here.

Try Green Energy

Electric vehicles or solar energy systems might come to mind when you think of green energy. And while you could invest in those, looking for green energy suppliers is a simple approach to fuel your home more responsibly. These businesses deliver gas and electricity, just like conventional energy suppliers, but they are more environmentally friendly because they use energy from renewable resources like the wind, sun, and water, as well as frack-free gas and many carbon offsets. The Rituals corporate headquarters and all Dutch locations (apart from franchises) use renewable energy. In order to convert all of our contracts to green energy, we are now combining our contracts.