Impressive Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

Published on 04/13/2021

When it comes to cleaning the bathroom, most of us absolutely dread this chore. The truth is that many of us don’t give the bathroom the thorough cleaning attention that it deserves. Fortunately, we have some great tips to make this job so much easier. Forget about throwing money down the drain with all those expensive cleaning products that hardly work. Instead, follow these amazing cleaning tips that are not just quick and easy but will also make your bathroom squeaky clean. Keep reading to see how your least cleaning mission in the house will soon become an absolute breeze.

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Impressive Bathroom Cleaning Hacks That Everyone Needs To Know

How To Clean The Mirror?

The bathroom mirror tends to get real filthy from time to time. Whether it’s from toothpaste, makeup, fingerprints, or dust, it really seems as though whatever you try, the mirror is always dirty right? Have you tried all the different cleaning products on the market and nothing works? Have no fear, we have you covered with this one.  All you need is some boiling hot water and a few bags of brewed black tea. After a few minutes of letting the tea soak in the hot water, pour it into a spray bottle and allow it to cool. Now go ahead and spray the solution all over your mirror but instead of using a paper towel try newspaper instead. This may sound weird, but this actually reduces the streaks along with the mirror. Your mirror will soon be absolutely spotless.

Clean Your Shower With Vinegar

Ingredients from the kitchen such as vinegar are one of the most incredible items when it comes to cleaning. This may sound a bit weird, but once you try it, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. When it comes to cleaning the shower, vinegar is the only thing you should be using to tackle all the deep dirt. This is the key to a sparkling shower head, taps, and tiles.

Use Boiling Water To Unclog Stubborn Pipes

We’ve all experienced clogged pipes in the bathroom at least once. Instead of calling in a plumber each time, you definitely need to try this simple method. Just fill the kettle and boil it completely, then carefully pour all of the water directly into the toilet bowl (or where ever you have a clogged pipe). This should instantly dissolve anything that is blocking the pipe. If this method doesn’t work, expert cleaners have also suggested mixing baking soda and vinegar, especially for those nasty shower drains.

Get Rid Of Grout

The grout between the bathroom tiles is often a magnet for germs and dirt. And most often, we tend to forget to clean these areas. The best advice that we can give you to make the bathroom look and feel spotless is to clean the small crevices with a mixture of baking soda and bleach. Allow this to sit for roughly 30 minutes before scrubbing it off with a brush. Experts all suggest that a magic eraser works wonders for this kind of problem too.