The Innovative Products You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Published on 05/28/2020

Innovative living is all about not only home improvement but it is also about improving your quality of life overall. From holders to knives and tons of inventions being thought-up daily these few are small but convenient. These products will change the small things that will lead to a major adjustment and have you wondering how you ever lived without them. We have compiled this list and we highly recommend you invest in one or a few!

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The Innovative Products You Didn’t Even Know Existed

Pillow Holder For Tablets

We all know the struggles of the 21st century where it can get uncomfortable to keep holding your tablet, you simply want to rest it and lye down or maybe your hand started cramping. Well, fear no more- this tablet allows you to place your tablet comfortably inside it. The pillow will stand or sit on your lap comfortably and allow you to use your tablet all at the same time.

Self-Stirring Mug

Who needs a spoon when your mug can do the whole job for you. This mug has a disc that whirrs and spins your tea, coffee, or whatever beverage you have. The mug comes equipped with an on and off switch and is battery powered.

Self Heating Butter Knife

No more having to heat your butter, or waiting for it to soften. The knife uses thermal conductivity to move heat from the handle to the blade- this is a fabulous and handy utensil to have. This knife also looks like your standard butter knife and won’t leave your utensils looking unmatching or tacky in any way.

Cable Drop Clip

This is one convenient and clever little idea, the tool keeps those cables from getting tangled. The little sticker sticks to any surface and will also stop tables from falling on the floor and simply keep them in an accessible area to reach.